Thursday, February 12, 2009

Volkswagen Passat 2001

This is a story about my friend Laura H.'s LEAST favorite car (she couldn't think of a favorite car). Here's how she describes it:

"The year was 2000, and I finally felt like it was time to get a 'grownup, fancy, high class' car. You know...electric windows, CD player, heated seats. I decided on the Passat.

My favorite color is green and I always wanted a green car. The dealership was having trouble finding a car in green, so I thought to put it off a couple of months until they got one in.

I talked to my husband & thought it was settled. I was wrong.

I was over a friend's house with a group of friends, and my husband calls me up, all excited, that he bought a car for me and it was BLUE! I didn't want a blue car, I wanted a green car, and it took me months to finally forgive him.

[*side note from Eva: I was with Laura that day and yes, I can attest that she was FURIOUS. That set us all off and we started talking about the things that husbands do that get us really mad. But I digress. Ok, now back to Laura's story]:

At least twice a year, the 'Check Engine' light would go on and it would cost at least $500 to fix whatever was broken at the time. One time, the handle to the glove compartment fell off; that cost $300 to fix because they couldn't just replace the handle... or the door. They had to replace the whole entire compartment.

Something new came up: whenever it rained, sometimes I would find a nice big puddle on the driver's floor. I had the whole windshield replaced, TWICE, but that didn't solve the problem. I finally figured out that as long as I parked FACING the garage (and not facing AWAY from the garage) there would be no puddles.

I finally decided it was time for a new car. I got myself a hybrid Toyota Prius (color is green). So far, I'm very happy with it; the only thing I miss from the Passat are the heated seats. I'll only trade this car if Toyota comes out with a model with heated seats."

Submitted by Laura H. as told to Eva Abreu